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Contemporary Art Residencies in the Swiss Alps


The Open Spaces building is a great place for holding workshops. We hold workshops alongside local events that happen at different times of the year, led by our resident artists as a way to express gratitude and add value to the local community.

If you are an Artist Member, you can also use the Open Spaces building for your own workshop, or exhibition with permission and assistance from the Resident Curator. One condition is that the workshops must be free of charge and open to the public and other members. If you are providing materials, you can charge for these.


If you are an Artist Member and would like to use the Open Spaces building for teaching (in which you get paid by the students), you will have to arrange this directly with the Committee as there will be a small rental charge for this type of activity.

Workshops can be anything the artists feel strongly enough about to want to share. In the past we have had open studio sessions with the artists, a very big drawing made by the local children (and adults!) and even an art festival.