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Contemporary Art Residencies in the Swiss Alps




Open Spaces is an Art Association, created under art. 60ss of the Swiss Civil Code, with its seat in Feutersoey in Gsteig Bei Gstaad.

Its purpose is to establish and maintain an art Residency, which brings professional artists into the Saanenland region and whose spaces are open to the public, and to function as a programm in which locals and visitors can participate, artists and non-artists alike, to create in a shared space, open all year round.

Open Spaces enourages all forms of creation compatible with its founding principles.


Local artist Harry Reichenbach first envisioned an Open Art Centre at the School building at Feutersoey, several years ago. Harry worked with the local Commune of Gsteig bei Gstaad and put together a plan describing how an art centre could be developped in this quiet village, nestled between the Höhi Wispille and the Arnenhorn.

Fast forward a few years, Harry is now on a round the World trip to document through his Art the current extent of marine pollution, especially plastics pollution.

In the meantime Harry gave the project to local artist Greg Holt and his wife Vanessa, who brought to the project to emerging artists Kyra and Roderick MacLeod, who were eager to work on an inclusive art project that fits in well with their own art practise.

With Greg and Vanessa's financial backing, and Kyra and Roderick's efforts, the project survived its first year and is now taking a life of its own as an Association, to which we invite all-comers to become members.

On the member's page you will find descriptions of the different types of memberships. We encourage EVERYONE to participate in this exciting new project by becmoming a supporting member and to discover what Open Spaces can bring to your life.


Open Spaces is an art residency in the Alpine village of Feutersoey, in the Bernese Oberland, which is the Alpine Region of Canton Bern in the heart of Switzerland.

The residency program brings art in an engaged form to the picturesque Saanenland region surrounding Feutersoey and most importantly directly into the community.


Situated in the village centre in a former school building, the residency program has a high local profile and provides a high-visibility cultural centre-point for the village and for the region.

The program invites 2 artists at a time from around the world to work for a period of three months, for a total of 8 artist residencies per year.

Gstaad, an internationally known farming and resort town 10 minutes away by car, is a fully serviced village with galleries. Soon to be built “Les Arts Gstaad” will be the first art museum in the region.


Open Spaces is an invitation to local and visiting artists to produce work and stimulate the sense of community of Feuterseoy and the Saanenland region.

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